The project is broken down into a number of phases as follows:

1. Current state of the art:

This phase involved a literature review and an evaluation survey. The survey looked at the key skills/attributes that both employers and young unemployed people thought were important in job-seeking.

2. Development of training package:

Based on the feedback from phase 1, a programme was developed using positive psychology principles to train young job seekers in the skills that will help them through a period of unemployment, and also gain employment. These include practical employability skills, and also positive coping skills, resilience, and a strengths based approach to personal development.

3. Pilot training:

The pilot training programme was delivered face to face to youth workers and those working with young unemployed people (equivalent to 40 hours training).

4. Evaluation of training:

The training programme and its impact was evaluated for efficacy and identification of additional elements required.

5. Final programme:

Based on feedback from phase 4 the training programme was finalised and made available online.




Training Content



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